New Colours for Curaflow

New Colours for Curaflow

Gentle Coral Red and Radiant Ocean Blue

The two new colours for Bauerfeind’s VenoTrain Curaflow flat knit compression products are “Coral” and “Ocean”. They are now available for all product variations.


The gentle orange-red “Coral” hue is a beautiful contrast to dark shades of green. It has a harmonious effect when matched with natural and pastel colours. It also looks great when combined with jeans material – it shares this characteristic with the radiant “Ocean” blue shade. In addition to a sporty jeans look, the warm, radiant blue perfectly complements elegant business outfits or maritime styles. This aquatic shade is vibrant and reminiscent of a turquoise-coloured lagoon’s ocean water.

The VenoTrain curaflow colour range continues to include cream, caramel, black, navy, charcoal, bordeaux, and royal.

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