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Back pain is a widespread ailment in today’s society. Activity can help remedy this: LumboTrain activates your torso muscles and... Sale price$795.00
Stabilizing support for pain relief of the SI joints/pelvis. The SacroLoc® orthosis stabilizes the pelvis and delivers pain relief to... Sale price$999.00
LordoLoc is suitable for use as a back brace for the stabilization of the lumbar spine, for example in the... Sale price$525.00
Stabilization and relief of the lumbar spine. The LumboLoc® aligns the lumbar spine and relieves the intervertebral discs in the... Sale price$595.00
LumboLoc® ForteLumboLoc® Forte
Increased stabilization and relief of the lumbar spine using adjustable strap system. The LumboLoc® Forte acts as a fixed support... Sale price$599.95
LumboLoc® SupportLumboLoc® Support
Increased stabilization for optimal spinal posture and relief of the lumbosacral spine  The LumboLoc® Support features integrated metal corset stays... Sale price$599.95
LumboLoc® UnloadLumboLoc® Unload
Increased stabilization for optimal spinal posture and relief of the lumbosacral spine The LumboLoc® Unload features integrated metal corset stays... Sale price$599.95
LumboLoc® ImmoLumboLoc® Immo
Increased stabilization for strong all-round stabilization and relief of the lumbosacral spine  The LumboLoc® Immo features integrated metal corset stays which... Sale price$599.95
Spinova Support® PlusSpinova Support® Plus
The large back pad on the orthosis distributes forces away from the lumbar spine out toward the thoracic spine, pelvis... Sale price$0.00
Spinova Unload® PlusSpinova Unload® Plus
The bridging frame of the orthosis distributes (bridges) the forces acting on the spine out toward the thoracic spine, pelvis... Sale price$0.00
Spinova Immo® PlusSpinova Immo® Plus
Following surgery on the lumbar spine, such as for vertebral displacement (spondylolisthesis) or spinal canal stenosis, mobilization of the muscles... Sale price$0.00
Spinova Immo®Spinova Immo®
Spinova Immo is particularly suitable for brief immobilization of your lumbar area. It's light plastic shell protects against damaging rotational movements. The shell consists... Sale price$0.00
Spinova Osteo®Spinova Osteo®
Spinova Osteo provides passive and active stabilization for the spine, offering relief for osteoporosis patients and preventing kyphosis. Thanks to... Sale price$1,895.00
SofTec Dorso®SofTec Dorso®
The SofTec® Dorso multi-purpose orthosis is used in cases of vertebral displacement (spondylodesis), and also after operations on tumors, and... Sale price$0.00
DorsoTrain is a light, comfortable bodysuit that helps you to counteract the development of a hunched back at an early... Sale price$0.00

Fight Back Against Back Pain

Bauerfeind back braces and supports keep the back in an anatomically correct position and also provide a massaging effect to the musculature to treat pain, tension and inflammation. We’ve all uttered the words at one time or another: “My aching back!” If you have ongoing back problems -- whether you need stability while lifting and moving items on the job, for general, day-to-day support or strenuous athletics – Bauerfeind has back supports to meet your needs.

A variety of styles and sizes for men and women are designed to adapt to any body type. Bauerfeind back braces have finger pockets, which make them easy to put on, and Velcro® fastenings that make them adjustable.

The thin and lightweight knit fabric is breathable, comfortable and skin-friendly – unlike Neoprene and other inferior materials. The machine-washable braces sit comfortably and snugly against the body, and can be worn under clothing.

With Bauerfeind braces and supports, an aching back doesn’t have to lay you up or slow you down.

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