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Activation, relief, and stabilization of the knee joint. The GenuTrain knee brace provides secure support for mild instability and relieves... Sale price$375.00
GenuTrain A3 Knee BraceGenuTrain A3 Knee Brace
The GenuTrain® A3 orthopedic brace is suitable for treating various types of knee complaints: e.g. osteoarthritis, irritated knee joint, complex... Sale price$595.00
GenuTrain S Knee BraceGenuTrain S Knee Brace
The GenuTrain® S orthopedic brace with lateral joint splints supports the knee joint for indications of slight instability, arthritis or... Sale price$865.00
GenuTrain OA Knee BraceGenuTrain OA Knee Brace
GenuTrain® OA with its innovative unloading system relieves the lateral or medial compartment of the knee based on the 3-point... Sale price$0.00
Knee brace in a colour combination of blue and black and is worn on the right knee. It is considered one of Bauerfeind Australia's best recovery knee braces, Secutec OA.SecuTec OA Knee Brace
SecuTec OA was specially developed for patients with moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the knee. It provides relief for your... Sale price$2,199.95
After surgery to correct misalignments (bowleg or knock knee), the removal of a meniscus or following cruciate or collateral ligament... Sale price$0.00

Knee braces for the progressive treatment of Gonarthrosis


No matter which stage you are at in your Knee OA treatment Bauerfeind has you covered!

Wearing the right brace cushions, and gently distributes the load in the joint, thus significantly reducing the pain. Knee braces and orthoses provide support to the knee joint without restricting freedom of movement enabling you to stay active and pain-free.

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