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We want you to feel comfortable in your VenoTrain® compression stockings every day. Our helpful tools from the VenoTrain® accessory series help make this a reality. Our additional dressing aids and washing tools make handling and caring for your compression stockings easier and effectively support therapy. With the accessory series, your VenoTrain® compression stockings remain as effective and beautiful as they were on the first day.


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VenoTrain GliderVenoTrain Glider
The VenoTrain glider is a practical aid for putting on and taking off medical compression stockings. It can be prescribed... Sale price$48.67
VenoTrain Glider PlusVenoTrain Glider Plus
The VenoTrain glider plus is a robust donning aid with an ergonomic design for all types of medical compression stockings.... Sale price$143.84
VenoTrain AccessoriesVenoTrain Accessories
THE PERFECT ADDITION FOR EVERYDAY USE These handy extras from the VenoTrain accessories range are useful for ensuring that your... Sale price$0.00

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