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CaligaLoc Ankle Brace


The CaligaLoc anatomically contoured stabilizing orthosis is used as a conservative treatment for torn ankle ligaments, after operations on the ligaments or in cases of chronic instability of the upper and/or lower ankle. It offers round-the-clock protection against unex-pected or excessive strain and prevents the ankle from twisting outwards.

    • Stabilizes and protects
    • Easy to put on


    The tried-and-tested MHH ankle brace has been further developed and functionally optimized for CaligaLoc: the anatomically contoured stabilizing orthosis consists of a cushioned plastic splint fastened securely to the foot with straps using a simple VELCRO® Brand Fastening System. Under the heel, a slight raising of the outer edge tilts the foot inwards, so that the outer ankle ligaments are relieved.


    CaligaLoc can be worn as a splint in normal shoes, but also without shoes as a postural or night-time brace. Flat micro-VELCRO® Brand Fastening System are used to adjust the level of support. The stability element can be reshaped thermoplastically if the individual anatomy of the foot requires this. Partial immobilization with CaligaLoc thus guarantees optimum wearing comfort until a greater degree of mobility is possible.


    • Conservative treatment of torn ankle ligaments
    • Postoperative protection after ligamental suturing/reconstruction
    • Temporary stabilization for posttraumatic tarsal sinus syndrome and decompensated instability of the subtalar joint
    • Permanent stabilization for chronic instability of the upper and/or lower ankle where surgery is contraindicated


    Care Instructions

    We recommend cleaning CaligaLoc® separately by hand washing with a mild detergent.

    In order to maintain the functionality of the Velcro fasteners for a long time and to avoid damage, we recommend closing them before washing.

    When drying, do not expose the product to direct heat (e.g. heating, solar radiation, etc.).