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CoxaTrain Hip Brace


The CoxaTrain is the perfect brace for hip arthritis, combining the most state of the art technology with slimline lightweight comfort.

Using a pelvic support that stabilizes and unloads the pelvis, it has added cushioning to gently massage the muscles around the hip, reducing pain. Meanwhile the thigh support is connected by a dynamic hinge that follows your anatomical movement to improve your gait and unload the hip itself, alleviating the pain and discomfort that comes with hip arthritis.

An ergonomic design that's easy to put on and take off, it's ideal for being worn under clothes so you can get about your day without thinking about it. 

Ideal for sports, exercise and daily life, anyone with hip issues doesn't need to look any further than the CoxaTrain.

Features - CoxaTrain


  • Relieves pain in the lumbar-pelvis-hip region with the gluteal pad and the two friction pads
  • Relaxes the musculature performing the movement by means of an eccentric joint with a trochanter pad
  • Immediately relieves the pelvis and sacroiliac joints through circular compression using individually adjustable tension straps
  • Height-adjustable thigh bandage via the joint splint
  • High level of therapy compliance thanks to breathable materials and the flat height
  • Easy to put on thanks to practical finger loops


Hip osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, impingement syndrome and a large host of other issues can cause severe pain when walking. This can affects the gait pattern so significantly it can result in a visible limp. The CoxaTrain stabilizes the hip joint and gently massages the muscles. This leads to a noticeable pain relief.

An adjustable bandage made of breathable, elastic material encloses the pelvic ring, as well as the thigh. The two are connected by a flat, supporting joint rail made of aluminum. This guides and supports the movement of the leg when walking. If necessary, the freedom of movement can be limited to the front and / or back. Two special pressure pads (pads) massage the transition from the lumbar spine to the pelvis. Another pad, called a trochanter pad, moves up and down over the large rolling mound (the protrusion of the thigh bone) as you walk, it works on the tendon attachments and relieves pain. Hip patients will feel a similar sense of relief when they press on this pressure point with their fingers. The gluteal pad massages trigger points on the upper side pelvis for an additional relaxing effect on the hip muscles.


The orthosis is light and flat. It was designed to fit practically under clothing. Finger pockets and loops make it easy to put on and take off. The CoxaTrain not only makes daily walking easier, it promotes a therapeutic healing that allows you to get back on your feet faster!


  • Coxarthrosis (Kellgren-Lawrence Score 2-4)
  • Muscular imbalance in the lumbar-pelvis-hip region
  • muscular problems after hip joint surgery
  • Impingement hip joint
  • Instability of the hip joint (after TEP, after revision surgery)
  • Sensation of instability in the hip
  • Loosen hip prosthesis if surgery is not possible



Care Instructions

All Train active supports can be washed separately in the washing machine at 30°C with liquid detergent. Please note the following information:

In the case of products with Velcro straps, these should be removed if possible or firmly attached to the designated place.

If possible, pads or splints should also be removed before washing.

It is recommended to use a laundry net (spin cycle: maximum 500 revolutions per minute). Dry your Train active support in the air and not in the dryer, otherwise, the knitted fabric may be impaired.

Please wash your Train active support regularly so that the compression of the knitted fabric is retained.

Reimbursement Parameters

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1. Train Knit - 20% lighter and more breathable, providing better comfort and compliance

2. Donning and Doffing Stay - Made of rigid polyurethane material, 4x more durable than previous

3. GenuTrain Omega+ Pad - Patented pain-relieving pad encases the kneecap and provides targeted massage

4. Extra Comfort Zone - Softer, more breathable knit in the sensitive popliteal area

5. Meniscus Wings - Provide targeted massage and pain relief to the joint space

6. Hoffa Pads - Stimulate the infrapatellar fat pad to promote the body's natural healing mechanism


After an acute injury or surgery, chronic abnormalities, osteoarthritis or instability in the knee: the GenuTrain relieves pain and promotes movement through intermittent compression massage. This puts you on the right track towards natural movement.

The ring-shaped Omega+ Pad functional cushion securely holds the kneecap in place and reduces edema and swelling. Integrated massage points with specially flexible silicone nubs target particularly painful areas. Two flexible plastic stays on the side ensure that the GenuTrain always fits perfectly. At the top and bottom, integrated grips make it easier to put on and take off the support.


Your body needs to learn how to move naturally again as quickly as possible and avoid incorrect postures adopted to help relieve pain. The Train knit fabric repeatedly stimulates the skin, which promotes movement perception, activates the muscles and stabilizes the joint.

Two massage points called meniscus wings on the sides of the knee provide a targeted pain-relieving effect around the joint space and the menisci. Two additional massage points, the Hoffa spots, stimulate the infrapatellar fat pad with controlled pressure. This has a significant metabolic function and promotes the self-healing process in the knee.

The GenuTrain allows physiotherapy and gentle training to be started at an earlier stage. This enables your knee to recover thanks to active movement. After all, you know that being active is key to good health!