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Spinova Unload Plus


The bridging frame of the orthosis distributes (bridges) the forces acting on the spine out toward the thoracic spine, pelvis and sacrum. This reduces lordosis of the lumbar spine. The abdominal pad compresses the abdomen and also helps to straighten the spine and relieve the lumbar region.

  • Fitted easily without the need for any great effort
  • Effective post-operative stabilization
  • Flat, light and comfortable


Spinova Unload Plus relieves the lumbar spine by reducing lordosis. This alleviates pain and supports the healing process. The orthosis is based on a modular design and has elements that can be removed as part of multi-stage therapy.

The lumbar orthosis provides stability based on the three-point principle and protectively limits incorrect movements. The orthosis made from light, elastic material with its integrated corset stays surrounds the torso and compresses the abdomen, which relieves and gently straightens the lumbar spine. The delordosing bridging frame also helps to straighten the spine, tilts the pelvis backward and distributes the forces toward the thoracic spine, pelvis and sacral bone. This particularly relieves the posterior column of the lumbar spine. An additional abdominal pad increases the effect. The stabilizing force is applied in a targeted manner by means of the Spinova strap system. Straps are attached at the appropriate height to a back setting device, rerouted twice and joined together with a buckle. The strap tension can be permanently adjusted with a torque wrench. This ensures that the therapeutic circumferential pressure remains the same every time it is worn.

As mobility increases, the bridging frame and abdominal pad can be easily removed.


  • Vertebral displacement, formation of gaps in the vertebral joints
  • Wearing of the vertebral joints with unusual flexibility of the joints (facet syndrome with hypermobility)
  • Radiating pain in the lumbar spine area (very severe [pseudo] radicular lumbar syndrome/very severe lumbar sciatica
  • Narrowing of the spinal canal (lumbar spinal canal stenosis with paresis [conservative, post-operative])
  • Narrowing of the lateral nerve root canal (foraminal stenosis, lateral)
  • Fractured vertebrae (fractures of the lumbar spine)


    Care Instructions

    If necessary, you can hand wash the Spinova Unload Plus with a mild detergent. Before washing, Velcro off the bridging frame and the abdominal pad. After drying, fasten the bridging frame back in. To do this, place the orthosis in front of you with the inside facing up. The arrows on the inside of the abdominal fasteners point upwards. The arrows on the bridging frame brackets point up. Attach the two brackets of the bridging frame. To do this, slide a Velcro strip through the eyelet of the bracket from the front. Now attach the abdominal pad to the right abdominal fastener.