Sam Pedlow's Recovery Room

 For the past ten years, Sam Pedlow has been a member of the Canadian National Beach Volleyball Team. He has represented Canada at over 100 international events, is a Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist, the 2017 FIVB World Tour’s Most Improved Player, and has become a highly visible personality within the beach volleyball community both in Canada and around the world.

Holding multiple degrees (BPHED, BScH Queen's University 2010, MPT Western University 2012) you can find Sam off the court working in the clinic as a Registered Physiotherapist.

A Personal Discovery

As a practicing physiotherapist, Sam Pedlow discovered Bauerfeind’s Train line of products. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from his patients, Sam worked with Bauerfeind products more consistently and relied on them for his own athletic therapy. Sam enthusiastically recognizes the positive effects of Bauerfeind’s bracing, not only as a physiotherapist but as an elite athlete as well.

" The reason I choose Bauerfeind is their commitment to quality and performance…. I trust Bauerfeind to do what it is expected to do. I trust them that on match point in the World Championships I’m going to be able to perform at my top level. "

Sam Pedlow: Elite Advice on Performance & Recovery

Daily Use

Sam Pedlow knows the importance of injury prevention and fast recovery after years of playing the sport professionally, with its load of physical strain. The GenuTrain and GenuTrain P3 are staple products for Pedlow, whether during training or in a game to alleviate his multiple knee injuries.

Along with Bauerfeind’s bracing Sam includes Bauerfeind’s Performance and Training medical compression socks into his routine for better recovery and circulation after training or on a long-haul flight “…with Bauerfeind at my side I’ve noticed that I’ve bounced back quicker and I’m able to continue to perform at that peak level.”